Our active, endowment-style investing process

To build portfolios that seek to provide the best risk-adjusted returns for our clients, we bring together an institutionalized asset allocation approach, intensive manager selection and a portfolio construction process that carefully considers a range of risk factors.

A proven asset allocation and portfolio construction process

Our process begins with a portfolio model based on Covariance’s capital market assumptions and a partner institution’s financial and institutional objectives.

Asset allocation is tailored to meet the objectives of the client’s portfolio.

Our team actively manages the asset allocation, further refining it to capture more granular opportunities and select underlying managers.

Intensive and integrated manager selection process

Each of our investments withstands months of meetings, study and analysis by Covariance’s due diligence team before it is approved. This extensive process results in well-understood, high-conviction investments that merit concentration.

We provide continuous vigilance. Our review is ongoing, and brings together objective analysis with the experience-based perspective of our veteran team of professionals.