Guiding principles

Our performance factors define success

For non-profit organizations, successfully meeting your institutional goals while consistently serving your mission is critical. At Covariance, we are guided by a belief that performance goes beyond investment returns alone — it’s what we mean when we say Performance Inspired by Purpose.

Covariance shares the culture of TIAA, our parent company, which has been serving the non-profit community in a value-driven way for almost 100 years. This mission-aligned ethos is core to the way we serve and strengthen our own client partners.

To drive our clients’ potential for success, we’re dedicated to four performance factors that differentiate our offering.

Performance factors:

Extensive investment and non-profit management expertise, buttressed by the mission‚Äźdriven legacy of our parent company, TIAA

    Thoughtful asset allocation and portfolio construction that is customized to an institution is the best way to meet long-term goals and short-term needs

    Placing capital with exceptional managers and proactively monitoring them is a key driver of alpha generation and long-term returns

    High-touch, anticipatory service provided directly by experienced, senior professionals